Perhaps the most undiscovered Croatian gem of all, Slavonia and eastern Croatia in general are magnificent. Written off by the authorities in Zagreb as a casualty of war that is experiencing mass emigration due to lack of economic opportunity, a closer look at the realities on the ground show a much different – and more positive – story.

And the good news for those looking to discover something really off the beaten track, look no further – this is a region which is virtually undiscovered but no tourist leaves feeling disappointed.

And there is so much to see and explore – from the birthplace of Indo-Europan culture, the oldest continuously inhabited town in Europe, wines supplied to the British Royal Family for the Queen’s Coronation, the proud hero city of Vukovar, the incredible food and wines of Baranja, and majestic Osijek as the capital. One thing is for sure – the warmest welcome in Croatia awaits you. And there will be rakija. Plenty of rakija. Take a tour in Time to Tell the Truth about Slavonia Full of Life. https://www.total-croatia-news.com/editorial/58263-slavonia-full-of-life


Vukovar Remembrance Day
Vukovar, Croatia

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