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"All in a day, winemaking, traditions & local fare"

Be prepared for an event filled day with lots of wine, food and fun.

Off The Beaten Path

On this one time only off the beaten path tour specifically created for CROMADS, we will take you from Split to Imotski, a town famous for its vivid legends and amazing nature. We will introduce you to local sights and give you time to explore the Red and Blue Lakes, Old Town and Topana Fortress.

Three Local Vineyards

Then it’s on to the wine, one of the highlights of this tour, with not only one winery to visit we get to visit three.

At each you will meet the local vintner, hear their story, explore the wine cellars, all the while enjoying the taste of local wines. You will learn about wine making in the Imotski region while being served traditional foods that pair so well with wines.

Each winemaker will present to you their best wines and you will get to sample an indigenous wine variety, kujundžuša. Kujundžuša has become one of the most popular wines in Croatia. 

A Local Estate

With all that wine, it’s time to head to a local agricultural estate where our host will present to us the Peka making process, you will see how Peka is made. 

Dalmatian Peka is a cooking technique where you cook the food in the open fire oven under the bell (bell-shaped cast-iron lid covered with hot coals). With this way of cooking, ingredients cook slowly and leaves the dish full of flavour.

You will have opportunity to help with the preparation of lunch, watch the cooking process and of course enjoy the fruits of your hand with lunch fit for a king and queen including both Peka and traditional uštipci with cheese.

This tour is an amazing combo introducing you to local heritage sites, local winemaking traditions, delicious local fare and time with the locals on their land.

€160 per person

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Tour Hosted By: Sol Travel, Split

For more information contact: Filipa – [email protected]

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