Festival of Oysters - STON

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Immerse yourself in the world of oysters

What: Festival of Oysters

When: 19 March 2022

Where: Ston & Mali Ston, located on the Pelješac peninsula in southern Croatia.

Celebrating the return of the popular Oyster Festival after a two-year break.

Every year March is looked forward to by many as the time for the freshest and tastiest oysters to be enjoyed straight from the sea. Wine, salt and oysters, you can sample all three at the Festival of Oysters.

While traditionally held in Mali Ston, this year the festival will take place at three different locations, Brijesta, Luka and Bistrina. Three locations where oysters are actually grown. At each location visitors have the chance to taste oysters, muscles and other shellfish together with top quality wines from the Pelješac region at promotional prices.

Exclusive Experience

We will start our tour from Split and drive to the Ston area where we will stop off at one of the promoted oyster tasting locations. Here as a group we will indulge ourselves with an oyster tasting while enjoying a local wine and live music.

There will also be free time for you to simply sit back and take in the atmosphere of the festival or enjoy a pleasurable lunch at one of the local restaurants making the most of local dishes at promo prices.

From here we travel a short distance to Ston, for all to enjoy a short stop to explore the village and learn about its  local traditions and history. Then on to  capture the quaintness of Mali Ston before beginning our drive back to Split.  These two short stops will have you wanting more as you will learn why a longer visit to Ston is a must on your future itinerary.


2022 looks like being a bumper year for oysters, an amazing time for you to immerse yourself in the world of oysters, the freshest and tastiest oysters in Europe. We can’t wait to have you join us! 

€50 per person

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Tour Date:

Saturday, 19 March 2022 (10.00hours -18:00hours)



Tour Hosted By: Sol Travel, Split


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